the best solution
for collecting
solid waste(MSW)

Mangra, an engineering

Nowadays, the pace of life in industrialized societies follows the trend of an immediate consumption, which generates waste that must be treated properly.

Hence the importance of the sustainability concept which arises from the need to conserve and manage wisely the natural resources.

and selective collection

The principle of sustainability is therefore key when designing, implementing and applying systems to clean up the towns and cities.

It is for this reason that in order to deal with a cleaner and much more careful waste collection with the environment, Mangra has created the best equipments for underground waste containers of the market. Equipments intended to cover all the factors involved in the different stages of the selective collection of urban waste.

Design, manufacture
and after-sales service

Mangra has its own engineering and manufacturing department, in this way it is possible to provide solutions and technical support at the time of performing the civil works.

In addition, our customer service ensures an uninterrupted operation of the equipments and immediate repair if necessary.


  • 01. Improves the visual environment as it occupies less space than a surface container.
  • 02. Prevents odours, which allows to deposit waste all day.
  • 03. Speeds up the collection and it facilitates
    the transition to elderly or handicapped people.
  • 04. It can be leveled in any type of soil and slope.
  • 05. Equipments designed to be repaired by unskilled workers.